Hearth’s Warming Con

About HWCon

HWCon is a My Little Pony convention that will take place in Vijfhuizen close to Haarlem, The Netherlands on 28th February to 1st March 2020. Will you be there?

Ember_iconThe main event will take place on 29th February and 1st March at the Expo Haarlemmermeer Vijfhuizen.

Glace_iconOn Friday 28th February we will host an evening dinner for a select group of attendants.


Maximum Dutch Fun!

Do you remember that deliciously-ridiculously Dutch event from Hearth’s Warming Con 2018? You guessed it: this year we’ll have another Dutch Fun panel! Taking place on Sunday and once again hosted by Roderick and Perrydotto, our special guests Black Gryph0n and Claire Corlett will be tested in the most intense arena known to ponykind! So … Continue reading

Learn Pony History and Discuss the Fandom!

MLP historian and veteran collector Bexi will be conducting two panels for us. First, she will educate everypony on the long and storied history of our favourite pastel ponies, starting at the original My Pretty Pony line from 1981, and spanning all the way to Generation 4 and beyond! In addition to that, you’re also … Continue reading

Announcing Agatan, Sam Quak Brony and MC-Arch!

Three renowned Dutch Brony musicians are making their return to Hearth’s Warming Con! For this final edition, Agatan, Sam Quak Brony and MC-Arch will be performing one more time at the Saturday Evening party! Representing the DBM (Dutch Brony Musicians) group, they are delivering some new songs, but also promise to bring back a lot … Continue reading