Hearth’s Warming Con

About HWCon

HWCon is a My Little Pony convention that will take place in Vijfhuizen close to Haarlem, The Netherlands on 28th February to 1st March 2020. Will you be there?

Ember_iconThe main event will take place on 29th February and 1st March at the Expo Haarlemmermeer Vijfhuizen.

Glace_iconOn Friday 28th February we will host an evening dinner for a select group of attendants.


Relive Hearth’s Warming Con 2020!

For those of you following us on Twitter or Facebook, you may already have found an abundance of videos and photographs that our awesome visitors made. If you feel like you’ve been missing out, let us assure you that, actually, there’s no better time to dig back into your convention memories than right now. The … Continue reading

Thank You for Being There!

I hope everypony had a safe and fun time at Hearth’s Warming Con! This weekend we’ve done some amazing things together: we adventured along stalls stuffed to the brim with colourful ponies and other assorted creations made by some of the most talented artists out there. We challenged our boundaries at a number of engaging … Continue reading

Hearth’s Warming Con is Live!

Good morning little ponies! Are you ready to have FUN? Let’s have some scientific evaluations already! Perhaps you can do some equine research over at the vendor stalls? I hear they have ponies aplenty. Also consider our schedule for a variety of events and cool things to do. A little overwhelmed? Be sure to attend … Continue reading