Hearth’s Warming Con

About HWCon

HWCon is a My Little Pony convention that will take place in Vijfhuizen close to Haarlem, The Netherlands on 28th February to 1st March 2020. Will you be there?

Ember_iconThe main event will take place on 29th February and 1st March at the Expo Haarlemmermeer Vijfhuizen.

Ember_iconOn Friday 28th February we will host an evening dinner for a select group of attendants.

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Venue reveal and ticket sales

Scouring for a suitable venue for the final Hearth’s Warming Con, we ultimately landed on the Expo Haarlemmermeer Vijfhuizen! While it’s not Schoter Scholengemeenschap, it still has a nice interior and plenty of space for panels, vendors, workshops and more! And it is an accessible location to boot! It is easy to get there with … Continue reading

HWCon 2020 theme announcement

Hello there everypony! Are you up for an experiment? Because for the last Hearth’s Warming Con ever, things are going to get scientific! Get ready for some studying, because you and your research party will be attending events in biology, chemistry, maths, psychology and the magic of friendship. It’s our final year together at Hearth’s … Continue reading

Ticket types and prices revealed!

Here in the aftermath of the fourth generation ending we have some good news for you! Ticket sales for Hearth’s Warming Con 2020 will go live on 1st November on our website. Below is a teaser for all the ticket types and prices. Note that Sunday will now extend into the evening hours as well. … Continue reading