Charity Auction

As with previous years, Hearth’s Warming Con will once again host a charity auction in 2020, taking place on Sunday 1st March. We are currently accepting donations! Have something you would like to donate to help out with this year’s charity? Then please fill out this form.

The beneficiary of the charity will be revealed soon as we are currently in the process of vetting potential candidates fitting for this year’s Hearth’s Warming Con. So stay tuned!

Rules & terms for donations
– Items must be SFW.
– Items cannot be sharp, explosive or in any way dangerous.
– Items can not be handed over to HWCon before the con.
– All items can be handed over at the info booth between 11:00 and 16:00 o’clock on Saturday and between 11:00 o’clock and one and a half hours before the charity auction on Sunday.
– The item(s) will be in HWCon’s possession until they are sold.
– All money goes to charity.
– HWCon will handle the item(s) with proper care.
– HWCon is not liable for damages on the item(s).