Meet the committee members of Hearth’s Warming Con:

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Melanie Nab – Woelzy

Chair & Events Manager

Melanie was enchanted by My Little Pony ever since she was 10 and got her hands on Buzzer, a summer wing pony. She loves all generations, but the one things she loves the most is the creative and kind community that arose with the upswing of FiM. To bring these people together and let them have an amazing weekend is what drives her to work for Hearth’s Warming Con.

Avaya_Princess_Ridatrane57ff9c646ca96c0e6ccf24d8659427bb 66f6aa6135cb479f41f16639a8031e1b a2358cb56beea9a6ff00805e7f80991b
Ivar Bouwmeester – Avaya Ridatrane

Vice Chair & External Relations

Ivar grew up as a typical Millennial, spending most of his youth socialising with friends both on and away from the computer. In April 2011, Ivar joined the community by creating his experimental brony Twitter account. It was a success, as the relics of this experiment continue to bring joy and friendship into his life. Ivar is quite the workaholic, but in the little spare time he has, he can be found geocaching during his day trips to cities and into nature. Ivar dreams of becoming an internetainer.

Avatar Benbeverchu57ff9c646ca96c0e6ccf24d8659427bb 25371d8703a00fcb8d0d2c7d8359b069 a2358cb56beea9a6ff00805e7f80991b
Diederik van der Heijden – benbever

Human Resource & Vendor Manager

Diederik likes all generations of My Little Pony (excluding 3.5). Other hobbies include watching anime and collecting manga, reading and watching movies, the Pokémon TCG, (board)games and Lego. He also likes long distance hiking. He manages the team of volunteers at Hearth’s Warming Con and tries to find a fitting job for everyone. He is also a graphic designer.

Opaque OC91ddd5558cc25676a7f2289ddfbdd32a 25371d8703a00fcb8d0d2c7d8359b069
Martin Ohrt Christensen – Opaque

Operations & Graphics Manager

Opaque discovered My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic in early 2011 and got hooked on it in early 2012. His first convention experience was when he volunteered for Crystal Fair 2014, where he fell in love with doing con-work. He then proceeded to volunteer for Hearth’s Warming Con 2015 and stuck around ever since, becoming its semi-official resident Dane.

Stjonal OC57ff9c646ca96c0e6ccf24d8659427bb 25371d8703a00fcb8d0d2c7d8359b069
David van Hartevelt – Stjonal

Human Resource & Financial Manager

Stjonal plunged into the My Little Pony fandom on the 13th of September 2011. It was on that day he got curious about the show after watching a Cupcakes parody music video on YouTube. It took him three days of binge watching and several years of meetings, conventions and general shenanigans to shape himself into the sociable Dutch brony he is today. Whenever he is amongst others (for instance at conventions), he likes to hang out, help out and play board and video games. As HR manager he will do his part in making HWCon a reality once again.

Irvy OC25371d8703a00fcb8d0d2c7d8359b069 f4ce66e98aaedca8dc016439602fc5d3
Irvine Masson – Irvy

Ticket Manager

Shortly put, Irvy has a big heart. Having only been a fan of My Little Pony since 2015, he has inducted himself into the fandom quickly and contributed a few creative works inspired by the show. Now he is driven to befriend as many people as he can by assisting in as many social projects as he can, like the sure to be thrilling Heart’s Warming Con in 2018! His OC, Infinite Affection, is a mere example of his determination to spread his love across the brony fandom; when he’s not too busy playing video games, that is!