Cosplay Show

Cosplay_HWCon_2018During the cosplay show, you get the opportunity to show off all the hard work you’ve put into your costume by performing a small act on the mane stage or just showing off your costume!
Do a dance or perform a fashion walk and give the audience the opportunity to appreciate your creativity. Anything in the MLP style goes, so let the Rarity inside you use her magic to enchant the visitors with your elegant, beastly or beautiful outfit!

The cosplay show starts at 13:00 on Saturady and takes place on the Mane Stage.

Everybody coming to Hearth’s Warming Con is allowed to join our cosplay show. However, we have some guidelines for it. Please take these into account before joining:

– Costumes, acts and language used must be rated PG
– Costumes must be MLP-related
– My Little Pony based OCs are allowed
– An act may involve acting, goofing, dancing, singing and/or just showing off at the main stage. What you do is up to you, but try to make it entertaining for the viewers
– Acts must last anywhere between one and five minutes
– Acts may consist of one or more people
– The cosplay may not have any sharp edges and the act may not use sharp objects
– Fire, flashing and explosives are not allowed in any form
– The cosplayer may not bring and/or carry (replica) weapons
– The act must be in English
– All group members must be present (backstage) 15 minutes before the show is scheduled to start and we ask you kindly to not leave before the show starts

Costumes must abide by the general costume rules. Costumes violating these rules will not be allowed in our cosplay show or at the convention.

At least one part of your costume has to be hand-made or customized. Preferably, this is also the case for any of the props you will use/carry.  It is accepted to partially wear props and clothes created by someone else, as long as credits are given to the creators of it. For example: it is allowed to join the cosplay show with a store-bought wig, a dress you made and use other props a friend of yours made.

By participating in the cosplay show you give us the right to record your act, which will be put online. This material is used for promotional purposes, all rights reserved to Hearth’s Warming Con.

The best cosplay will even receive a prize! Judging will be done based on the following aspects:
1. Originality of the costume(s), 2. Quality of the costume(s), 3. Presentation of the act.

Audio-visual material
It is not required to hand in supporting audio and/or visual materials for your act. However, if you think it contributes to the act, feel free to send us your video with embedded audio, your audio only-file or the images you want played as a slide show during the act.

About the video:
The following video file types are accepted: AVI, MKV, MP4 and MPG. Make sure your video is in wide screen HD or 720p. If possible, use known good sources, like DVDs and Blu-ray. All videos need to have five seconds of black screen at the end.

About the audio:
For audio you can use one of the following formats: MP3, AAC, M4A, OGG and OPUS. Audio files should be of very high quality! What might sound reasonable on your iPod, might be insufficient when amplified and blasted out of the speakers at the main stage.
– The audio files that are supplied need to have been pre-cut at the start. This means: no ‘start file at time index X’. The audio file will be played from the beginning of the file, to the end.
– Youtube does not provide high enough quality material so is not allowed as a source.

How to register
We have closed registration now as we have reached our limit on applicants! If you applied and got accepted, you will have received a confirmation email.