Friday Eve Dinner

Restaurant ’t Fort
Fortwachter 3
2141 EE Vijfhuizen
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Restaurant open: 17.30
Indonesian buffet: 18:00 – 19:30
Dessert buffet: 19:30
Ending: between 21:00 and 22:00

Food & drinks
Dinner itself is comprised of a smaeckvol (old Dutch for “tasty”!) Indonesian buffet. This includes: Babi Ketjap (pork), Saté (chicken), Rendang (beef), Tofu Pedis (vegetarian), Sambal beans, Sajoer Lodeh, Ketjap eggs, Sambal eggs, white rice, fries, and more! These dishes range from not spicy at all to quite spicy, offering multiple options for every taste palette around!

The classy dessert buffet includes Grandma’s Applepie, Heavenly Mud (creamy chocolate), steamed pears with cinnamon crème, and a selection of old Dutch liqueurs.

A regular assortment of drinks can be purchased at the bar, which also boasts a wide selection of (regional) beers.

You can enter the fort island before the start of the dinner. Around 16:00 there’ll be a treasure hunt that you can participate in that’ll give you the opportunity to frolic about the island!

In addition to that, there’ll be another – albeit more challenging! – treasure hunt set to start after dessert. This 5km walk is of course also optional, and will take place in the area surrounding the island.

About the restaurant
The restaurant hosting our dinner is inside a fort, built in 1880, which served as part of the defence line of Amsterdam. This defence line consisted of areas that could be flooded with shallow water in time of war, so that vehicles and boats could not cross. Key points were heavily guarded by forts. This assured The Netherlands was safe during WWI, but was of no use during WWII. This fort in particular was one of the very first concrete buildings in the Netherlands. You can visit and explore the fort island during the day (no entry fee required).

The fort island is a 5-10 minute walk from rapid transfer bus 300 stop “Vijfhuizen”, which is one bus stop away from the convention venue’s stop “Expo Haarlemmermeer”. (Consult the maps provided.) Parking is free.