Hello everypony! My name is Ember, and I’m the mascot of Hearth’s Warming Con. I’m a lover of Dutch cheese, and to be honest, I really have a thing for wooden shoes. They’re called clogs, and I have yet to obtain my own set… but that day will come! But I’m jumping ahead of the game here… you’re here to hear about me and Glace, my younger brother, right? Well then, let’s get started, shall we? Below we will introduce ourselves some more, and offer you the chance to look at both our reference pictures with all kinds of information about us… Off we go!

So as I said, I am Ember. I’m a cheerful Dutch pony. I was born and raised near my hometown Zaandijk. Together with my younger brother Glace and a few other brothers and sisters and parents, we lived on a farm. It was quite an isolated farm, so we didn’t see a lot of other ponies in our past. After a while, my siblings all got very lonely after moving out. Glace and I promised to stay together forever, so we wouldn’t ever get lonely!

My fur colour is mostly orange, with manes that have the colour of our Dutch flag; red, white and blue. Is my hair dyed, you ask? Oh heavens, no. My hair is all natural, isn’t that amazing? I always carry my milk hat with me. I got that from my mother, and she got it from her mother who got it from her mother’s… mother? I lost count! Anyway, you see, it’s very precious to me. And then we have my cutie mark; a wooden shoe with a red tulip in it. I got my cutie mark a bit late, but that’s totally fine. I love it, and wouldn’t want anything else. My mother always told me tulips bring good luck, and now I always carry one with me wherever I go. How I got it? It’s a bit of a silly story… and maybe we will get into it some other time. Perhaps at Hearth’s Warming Con 2020? For now, that’s a bit of information about me.

Ember REF
Hi, it’s Ember again! I happen to be Glace’s older sister, and he appears to be a bit shy at the moment, so I will introduce you to Glace, the sweetest brother I could wish for.

Glace is a young colt. He is very hard-working and doesn’t give up easily. Yet from time to time he can be timid and shy, especially when experiencing new things. He’s a friendly young pony, who doesn’t mind getting his hooves dirty helping a friend in need. Gekkie, his gecko pet, means the world to him. He loves hanging out with him, even though it sometimes looks like Gekkie can’t understand a word of what he says!

Glace is more of a modern type, unlike me. He likes video games a lot more than farming, I’d say. He hasn’t earned his cutie mark yet, but that’s alright with him. He doesn’t seem to care too much about it yet. I still can’t help but feel super curious about what it will be, though!