And The Winner of the Cosplay Contest Is…

Hey everyone! It’s a little late in coming; but we finally have the winners for our Cosplay Competition! Seems the judging and results got a little lost in the hustle and bustle of the convention and we apologise for any inconvenience. Now, without any further ado, we are pleased to announce our two winners chosen … Continue reading

Thank You!

The Hearth’s Warming Con committee would like to extend their thanks to everyone who made Hearth’s Warming Con 2018 something very special for all. A big thanks to our special guests; Peter New, Amy New and Elley-Ray Hennessy, for taking time out of their busy schedules to visit our convention. And not to mention Tabitha … Continue reading

Information on ticket sales at the door

Are you thinking of coming along to Hearth’s Warming Con but not sure you’ll decide until the last minute? Then do not fear! Thanks to our large venue we are able to accommodate anyone who wishes to join us on the convention weekend; no prior ticket booking required! Simply venture inside, get a ticket at … Continue reading

Take a look at pony history at the Pony Museum

Want to learn more about My Little Pony history? Take a moment to visit the pony museum, where you can check out all sorts of rare collectables from the world of MLP. The museum features a wide collection of ponies ranging from the first My Pretty Ponies from 1981, a rare G2 shop display, all … Continue reading

Event pre-registration closed!

The time has come for us to close the pre-registration for the HWCon ’18 events. All the visitors who have applied for attendance are currently being informed on the status of their application. In case you have registered for an event, but have not received an update on it by Thursday, please send us an … Continue reading

Don’t miss out on the Dutch fun panel!

You might have seen it in the schedule already – the Dutch fun panel! This will be an event Roderick and Perrydotto will host on Sunday, featuring Peter New, his wife Amy and Elley-Ray Hennessy! Now that our guests of honour have spent a little time in the Netherlands, let’s find out how well they … Continue reading

Voice Acting for Beginners hosted by Elley-Ray!

Are you (secretly) dreaming about becoming a voice actor? Want to gain some tips and insights from a professional? With over 30 years experience in television, film, and theatre, Elley-Ray Hennessy is a top voice-over professional and coach, specialising in animation, commercial announcing, and multi-voice. At Hearth’s Warming Con she will host a voice acting … Continue reading

Party @ HWCon 2018!

Ready to party? Shuffle your feet and feel the heat at the Saturday night party and the Sunday dance event! Saturday Night Party (Saturday 19:00-22:30 | Mane Stage) Join us for a long, long night with a variety of live musical performances! Sam Quak Brony will get us underway with a set of riveting electronic … Continue reading

First HWCon 2018 merchandise revealed!

Never want to forget your visit at Hearth’s Warming Con? Want to make sure we have your items all wrapped up for you the moment you enter the convention? Pre-order the first great HWCon 2018 items today in our webshop! 3D Ember figurine HWCon 2018 The official 201 8 Hearth’s Warming Con mascot figurine: Ember has won 1st … Continue reading

Get your tickets for the Autograph sessions and Photo Op!

At Hearth’s Warming Con you can meet our guests of honour Peter New and Elley-Ray Hennessy and get an autograph or Photo Op! In our webshop you can get your tickets for these. To make sure nopony has to wait too long, we have created several time slots you can choose from: SIGNING SESSION Saturday: … Continue reading