A Pet for Glace – it has been decided!

Asking the Hearth’s Warming Con Community for pet advice turned out to be a great idea. And even though it’s been quite an eventful undertaking, Glace did end up with his ideal critter companion! Here’s the story:
In his panic, Glace ran all the way to Galacon to ask the ponies for pet advice there. The ponies there soon narrowed the options down to a list of fitting pets, ranging from angora rabbits to frill-necked lizards. Glace however didn’t feel like these were the perfect pets for him. Then, amidst the ponies at Galacon, he met a fox who was seemingly lost and at the wrong convention. Glace, being his usual silly self, asked the fox if he wanted to be his pet and join him on the trip back to Holland. The fox, who couldn’t speak, still understood Glace’s intentions and surprisingly agreed. They had a fun trip back to Holland.
Back in The Netherlands, they dropped by the HWCon website place. Unbeknownst to Glace, in the quest for his perfect pet, the HWCon committee had been experimenting with the highly illegal breeding of genetically modified and artificially enhanced exotic sea bunnies. The cute sea bunnies and Glace were an immediate match. Glace now had two pets, but only room for one, and was therefore torn inside.
After a few days of locking himself inside pondering for a solution, Glace had decided on keeping the slightly derpy but very adorable fox. During their final stroll together, taking them across a dike, the fox suddenly realized he actually had a phobia for tulips, water, and windmills. During his panic attack, the fox ran away into the woods, where he met a lady fox and led a happy fox life.
Glace was now left with only one pet; his sea bunny. The playful bunny slug comforted him after the fox ran away, after which Glace decided it was no longer necessary to return it to the committee. Instead, the next step was to register it. However, he got in trouble at the register, because as it turned out, he didn’t have the necessary paperwork to do breeding research on sea bunnies. The sea bunny was confiscated and taken to the sea bunny shelter.
It was at this place where Glace, when saying farewell to the sea bunny, met Gekkie the Crested Gecko. Gekkie jumped on Glace’s back, catching his attention and sticking his tongue out as they made eye contact. Gekkie was left at the shelter by his owners who wanted a well-behaved Gecko as a pet, and Gekkie didn’t meet their standards.
It was love at first sight, since both Glace and Gekkie can be a bit… crazy at times. Glace filled out the pet adoption papers right there, and could take Gekkie home the very same day. (The sea bunny shelter didn’t really have room for Geckos anyway.)
Ever since that fateful day, Gekkie and Glace have been best friends.

Voting booth/poll results:

1st. Fox
2nd. Crested Gecko
3rd. Bunny Slug

1st. Bunny Slug
2nd. Crested Gecko
3rd. Fox

Combined total:
1st. Crested Gecko
2nd. Fox
3rd. Bunny Slug

Pet (Crested Gecko)