Announcing Agatan, Sam Quak Brony and MC-Arch!

Three renowned Dutch Brony musicians are making their return to Hearth’s Warming Con! For this final edition, Agatan, Sam Quak Brony and MC-Arch will be performing one more time at the Saturday Evening party! Representing the DBM (Dutch Brony Musicians) group, they are delivering some new songs, but also promise to bring back a lot of old favourites. Let’s give you a brief rundown of the performers in question!

Agatan is a 22 year-old singer/songwriter who performs original and cover songs. He started under the name Agatan in 2017, when he did his first collabs with MC-Arch. In 2018 he broke through when he got on his first Ponies @ Dawn album: Enigma with “Looking At The Stars” and “Equalizer”. In 2019 Agatan covered quite a few Black Gryph0n tracks, notably “Are We There Yet”. For this cover he made a music video at BronyCon featuring Step2Harmony, Black Gryph0n and Baasik.

Since 2017 Agatan has performed at numerous Brony conventions all over the world, working closely with fandom greats such as PrinceWhateverer, Crusader, Forest Rain, John Kenza and Vocal Score! Naturally, he’s also collaborated live with his fellow DBM friends MC-Arch and Sam Quak Brony!

Sam Quak Brony is a 19 year-old producer who makes film, animation, art and music. In the Brony fandom, he is known for his electronic pony remixes such as “Light Of Your Cutie Mark” and “The Magic Of Friendship Grows”. He’s also responsible for the opening animation for Hearth’s Warming Con 2018!

MC-Arch (Daniel de Bruijn, 24 years old from The Hague, Netherlands) is a hiphop artist known for work such as his heartwarming – or heartbreaking! – action-filled MLP series You got me, I got us, as well as being the founder of the international Brony hiphop movement S.F.T.H – Straight From The Heart. MC-Arch looks forward to returning to his ‘home’ convention, where this crazy adventure began – to pay homage and finish what was started for all of you!

From left to right: MC-Arch, Agatan, Sam Quak Brony