Announcing Our Charity!

For this final edition of Hearth’s Warming Con we’re proud to support The Dream Factory as our charity of choice! A Dutch non-profit organisation of modest size but tremendous heart, The Dream Factory is dedicated to the education of children from developing countries. Working on-site with schools, orphanages, and foster homes, they aid exactly those for whom a safe space of learning would otherwise be anything but guaranteed. Their current projects, as you can see clearly in this video, involve HIV positive orphans around Port Elizabeth, South Africa as well as albino children in Kenia, who are sorely lacking in means of education and adequate protection from the sun.

Naturally, the main body of our donation to The Dream Factory will come from the Charity Auction, where generous visitors get to bid on a variety of exclusive pony-themed artefacts. Don’t have the financial means to bid? Please consider donating an item to the auction! In addition to that, The Dream Factory‘s representatives would also like to collect school supplies such as rulers, pencils, erasers, and stickers, as well as hard-to-acquire protection from the sun for the aforementioned albino children, such as sunglasses, slippers, lip balm, and hats. You’ll be able to donate these at the Info Booth: the charity will make sure it goes to those who need it most!