Announcing Special Guest Black Gryph0n!

Gabriel Brown, also known as Black Gryph0n, is flying over to Hearth’s Warming Con! As Guest of Honor, Gabriel is destined to become a prominent part of our curriculum, set to star on multiple panels and even gracing us with a special live performance! Known for his infectious enthusiasm and welcoming temperament, we’re delighted to have him at our pony gryphon party!

Unnecessary as it might seem, let’s give you a quick summary of this US Navy veteran’s journey to Brony stardom! Gabriel’s ascent in the My Little Pony fandom began primarily as a musician and animator, rapidly building an online following with viral videos the likes of the instant-classic “Twilightlicious”, and escalating towards numerous collaborations with other renowned fandom musicians – soon even catching the eyes and ears of the MLP:FiM cast themselves!

Furthermore, you will recognise his lead vocals in internet hits such as “Beep Beep I’m a Sheep”, “No Mercy”, and hit show Hazbin Hotel. It will come as no surprise to you then that he’s amassed an insane number of YouTube views and well over 3.8 million subscribers. Gabriel’s résumé, however, by now spans far beyond the scope of a YouTube personality, and even that of a professional singer! Currently in the business of Voice Acting, he has lent his talents to features such as Finding Dory, Geronimo Stilton, Yo-kai Watch, Littlest Pet Shop, and has even sung parts in Friendship is Magic and Equestria Girls! Did we leave anything out? Perhaps he’ll remind us come Hearth’s Warming Con!