Attend in Spirit!

Can’t make it to Hearth’s Warming Con? Whether it’s distance or other plans getting in the way, we feel your pain! But please don’t despair: we’re here to tell you you can still play a part! Please consider purchasing a Spirit ticket, which not only supports us but also nets you a bunch of official convention merchandise that we’ll ship out to you!

There are three different kinds of Spirit tickets available. The standard Spirit ticket includes a conbook and a cotton bag with cute goodies (the same that would come with a regular Plus ticket), and would be shipped out shortly after the convention’s conclusion. Want more? If you purchase a Spirit Kindling ticket you’ll get additional goodies as well as an awesome t-shirt! On top of all that, you can also acquire a 3D Ember figurine if you go with the Spirit Ember ticket! You can get a more comprehensive overview of the available options over at the tickets page!