Community guests, volunteers and vendors wanted!

We are moving closer and closer to February and the final Hearth’s Warming Con! As preparations are well underway, we will be looking for passionate community guests, helpful volunteers and enterprising vendors to help make the con come alive!

Community Guests
The community guests of a convention bring all sorts of entertainment and interesting content! This includes creative workshops, enlightening panels, fun activities and more! You can read more about applying as a community guest at Hearth’s Warming Con here.

No convention can run without its dutiful volunteers and Hearth’s Warming Con is no exception! We will be needing all sorts of help, from gophers and security to ticket registration and info booth personnel! To learn more about volunteering at Hearth’s Warming Con head on over to our Volunteer page.

It would not be a My Little Pony convention without pony art, crafts and merchandise! Once again vendors will be able to flaunt and sell their marvelous wares at Hearth’s Warming Con! You can find more information on vendoring and applying as a vendor here.

Ticket sales will be opening shortly, so stay tuned to our social media and website!

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  1. I have send a Apply to support as a First Aid volunteer so waiting on a answer for that.

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