Cute Plushies Looking for New Home!

As a Hearth’s Warming Con visitor, no doubt you are blessed with a big heart, so could we please direct your attention to our Pet Plushie Pound? To be situated at a vendor stall near the Info Booth, a myriad of cute, but regrettably homeless plushies will cast beseeching eyes towards prospective new owners. Additionally, the Pet Plushie Pound is also the place to bring the plushies you sadly will not be able to take care of anymore in the future. In essence, it’s a world between hope and despair – think of it as a soft, cuddly little purgatory – and we’re counting on you to make a difference!

To adopt one of our plushies, all you have to do is trade in one of your own! (Pony plushies welcome, but not mandatory!) If you don’t have a plushie to offer, you can drop by on Sunday: after 14:00 you can simply pick one up free of charge. Note that we’ll only be accepting clean and undamaged plushies!