Get Warm and Fuzzy at PlushieCon!

Just like at Hearth’s Warming Con 2018, you’ll be able to give your plushies the opportunity to mingle and befriend other plushies at PlushieCon! What’s more, as a visitor to Hearth’s Warming Con, you’ll be able to watch them all hang out, which is sure to be a heartwarming and awe-inspiring experience.

You can bring your plushies on Saturday and they’ll be set up for a grand display later that day. On Sunday you’ll be able to pick them up again. The original PlushieCon team, also known for their work at GalaCon, Brony Fair, Suisse Pony’s Con and numerous smaller events in Germany, will take good care of your cuddly friends!

The pre-registration for your plushies will open soon, and we’re sure to spread the word on Twitter when it does. Also be sure to tune in to PlushieCon’s own official Twitter account @PlushieCon for additional information!