Information on ticket sales at the door

Are you thinking of coming along to Hearth’s Warming Con but not sure you’ll decide until the last minute? Then do not fear! Thanks to our large venue we are able to accommodate anyone who wishes to join us on the convention weekend; no prior ticket booking required! Simply venture inside, get a ticket at the registration table and enjoy your pony-filled day!

We will be selling tickets at the door for the following prices:

Saturday Only: €30,-
Sunday Only: €20,-
Saturday Plus: €50,-
Sunday Plus: €40,-
Weekend: €50,-
Weekend Plus: €70,-

Payments to be made in cash only. There isn’t a nearby ATM so make sure you have money to spend but if you require more, you can get money via purchases at the nearby petrol station and supermarket. For more information, email us.

We look forward to welcoming all of you to the convention!