Interactive Community Voting – Pick a pet for Glace!

Recently, Ember fell in love with a white ferret herself. With ‘Ponies love Pets’ being HWCon 2016’s theme, she made the decision to adopt the cute little critter and name him Mr. Scruffles. Mr. Scruffles is quite mischievous and likes to hide and play around with the stuff lying around in Ember’s house. If you went to visit Ember lately, chances are you caught her looking around the house for her Dutch cap, with Mr. Scruffles using it for building his nest under the kitchen table…



With Ember and Mr. Scruffles becoming better friends every day, Glace got to witness how magical it can be to have a pet. He now really wants to take good care of a critter of his own. He knows taking care of a pet is a big responsibility, but the toughest decision for him turns out to be deciding on the pet he wants most. Instead of picking one at the pound, he panicked, turned around and ran away. And who could blame him with so many cute and friendly pets out there? He can’t make up his mind, and has therefore asked the Hearth’s Warming Con community to pick one for him. Who do you think is the best pet for Glace?

Below you can take a look at the concept artwork for the seven pets you can vote on. At the bottom of this page, you can go to the voting form (poll) in order to place your vote on your top three. Please note: voting ends on 12 August 2015.

Alternatively, if you’re visiting Galacon, keep an eye out for the official Hearth’s Warming Con voting booth, where you will be able to cast your votes as well! It will be located near the main entrance.

Pet (Fox)
Pet (Bunny Slug)Pet (Frillnecked Lizard)

Pet (Cute pink kitty)

Pet (Hamster)

Pet (Crested Gecko)

Pet (English Angora Bunny)