M.A. Larson is coming to Hearth’s Warming Con!

We have the pleasure to announce the one and only M.A. Larson as our guest of honour at Hearth’s Warming Con 2016! In case you do not know who Mr. Larson is, allow us to quickly bring you up to speed. Mr. Larson has been involved with My Little Pony: Friendship is Magic from the … Continue reading

Lecture: Ponies in pop culture by Daphne Werner

We are delighted to announce Daphne Werner as our latest community guest at Hearth’s Warming Con 2016. At the convention, she will be keynote speaker for a lecture about My Little Pony in pop culture. About Daphne & the lecture Daphne Werner has a background in literary science, in particular medieval literature. Analyzing and interpreting … Continue reading

New community guest announcement: Jyc Row

Hearth’s Warming Con is happy to announce a new community guest: Jyc Row! Jyc Row (pronounced G-crow) is a 22 years old brony musician coming from Belgium. He is a brand new musician and singer (and voice actor times to times). He makes electronic and orchestral music, or as he calls it « electrorchestral ». … Continue reading

Last chance to get your community market vendor table!

To all collectors and artists who want to sell their My Little Pony related pieces of art, collectibles and merchandise: October is the last month where you can apply for a table at the community market at Hearth’s Warming Con 2016! If you were thinking of applying, this is your last chance, so don’t let … Continue reading

World Animal Day – a present for a pet

It’s world animal day! Since our theme is pets, and since we really love all kind of animals, this calls for a story of Ember’s crazy ferret and Glace’s exciting Gecko. Happy animal day to you all!   Usually, it’s impossible to get Glace out of bed. But not today. “World Animal Day!” the young … Continue reading

Community Guest Applications are open!

Do you have the skills to perform on stage? Or would you like to give a MLP-themed workshop or panel? From today on, you can apply to become a community guest at Hearth’s Warming Con! Community guests can be musicians, artists, game developers, pony stylers, customizers or any talented brony or my little ponyfan, who … Continue reading

Wanted: artists and other volunteers

Hearth’s Warming Con is still looking for several artists and volunteers, in order to make our event in 2016 a great success. Artists Would you like to be part of the Hearth’s Warming Con Artist Team? We have an artists applicationform for those who want to share their artistic skills for the greater good of … Continue reading

Travel information and new Fire of Friendship tickets

Travel information We have resurrected two pages containing important travel information for everyone visiting the Netherlands. The pages contain information on how to get to the venue, how to pay for public transportation in The Netherlands and what sights to see and where to go for all your shopping needs. Click here for the information … Continue reading

A Pet for Glace – it has been decided!

Asking the Hearth’s Warming Con Community for pet advice turned out to be a great idea. And even though it’s been quite an eventful undertaking, Glace did end up with his ideal critter companion! Here’s the story: In his panic, Glace ran all the way to Galacon to ask the ponies for pet advice there. … Continue reading

Interactive Community Voting – Pick a pet for Glace!

Recently, Ember fell in love with a white ferret herself. With ‘Ponies love Pets’ being HWCon 2016’s theme, she made the decision to adopt the cute little critter and name him Mr. Scruffles. Mr. Scruffles is quite mischievous and likes to hide and play around with the stuff lying around in Ember’s house. If you … Continue reading