Pinch the Parcel

Are you in for a quick, exciting game and get yourself a My Little Pony gift? Then Pinch The Parcel is the game for you. Last year we played this at the Hearth’s Warming Eve on Friday, and this year, it’s back! Pinch the Parcel is all about stealing presents and keeping the nicest one … Continue reading

Last chance to get your Fire of Friendship ticket

As of tomorrow, January 17th, 00.00 (or 12:00AM) GMT+1, it will no longer be possible to purchase our highest tier sponsor ticket: the Fire of Friendship ticket. If you want to get the most out of Hearth’s Warming Con 2016, make sure you have one before we remove them from our ticket ordering system. The … Continue reading

Floppy music demo and panel

Did you know that one can make music with the hardware of HDDs and floppy drives? And that even My Little Pony tunes can be created this way? Dranaar (also known as Arganalth) will travel all the way from France to HWCon 2016 to showcase his work and host a panel about making music with … Continue reading

Plushie Workshop by Marlou Scholten

Always wanted to make your own My Little Pony plushie? Well, now’s your chance, as there will be a plushie making workshop at Hearth’s Warming Con 2016! Marlou (Meplushyou) is a custom plush maker from the Netherlands. You might know her from last year’s con – she was a vendor and was at the plushie … Continue reading

Sketchy Sounds performs at HWCon 2016

Perhaps best known for his long-running Live Songcast on Canterlot Hill (preceded by Everfree Network), Sketchy has been a regular performer at a number of conventions including GalaCon, BUCK, and BronyScot! He is easily recognised by his simplistic, traditional, completely acoustic sound, using nothing but a guitar and his own voice (with the occasional bit … Continue reading

Provisional event schedule online!

Great news: The Hearth’s Warming Con 2016 event schedule is set! On both Saturday and Sunday there will be many events on all floors at the Fokker Event Center. Therefore, we advice to choose the ones you don’t want to miss out on wisely. Please note: Program and starting times of all events are still … Continue reading

3D Modelling Panel by SteveLynx

Do you know the amazing 3D models from European My Little Pony conventions? And have you ever wondered how the convention mascots are brought to life? SteveLynx is the man behind these 3D models, and he’ll be giving a panel about his work at Hearth’s Warming Con 2016! SteveLynx is a self-taught 3D-modeller from Heinsberg, … Continue reading

Last 100 tickets

We advice everypony who wants to come to HWCon 2016 and hasn’t bought their ticket yet to do so soon. There are less than 100 saturday/weekendtickets left and we might sell out in the next few weeks. Also note: we will only sell the Fire of Friendship tickets with OC until 16 January, because the … Continue reading

Happy new year everypony!

To all our fluffy friends: Ember, Glace and the Hearth’s Warming Con team wish you a very happy new year!