A Pet for Glace – it has been decided!

Asking the Hearth’s Warming Con Community for pet advice turned out to be a great idea. And even though it’s been quite an eventful undertaking, Glace did end up with his ideal critter companion! Here’s the story: In his panic, Glace ran all the way to Galacon to ask the ponies for pet advice there. … Continue reading

Interactive Community Voting – Pick a pet for Glace!

Recently, Ember fell in love with a white ferret herself. With ‘Ponies love Pets’ being HWCon 2016’s theme, she made the decision to adopt the cute little critter and name him Mr. Scruffles. Mr. Scruffles is quite mischievous and likes to hide and play around with the stuff lying around in Ember’s house. If you … Continue reading

Call for volunteers

In order to make Hearth’s Warming Con 2016 a success, we depend on the helping hoofs of volunteers. And we’re still looking for them! Being a volunteer at HWCon is hard work, but also a lot of fun. Ready for an exciting challenge? Then be sure to take a moment to consider volunteering. As volunteer, … Continue reading

Trotmania confirmed!

Trotmania (Rhythm is Magic) – the pony Stepmania dancing game – returns at HWCon 2016. Step onto the game pad and dance to your favorite My Little Pony songs. A fun activity to blow off some steam, or to compete in and show off your dancing skills. Trotmania will be available all day long on … Continue reading

Vendor registration online

Do you have ponies for trade or sale? Would you like to display and sell your own My Little Pony related pieces of art, like customs and paintings? Rent a table at the Community Market! As of today, the vendor registration form is online. This form is for all non-commercial vendors who want to sell … Continue reading

Official announcement 2016

Hello fellow pony-fans and collectors! Hearth’s Warming Con 2015 in the Netherlands turned out to be a great success. Around 300 pony fans came together to enjoy our con. And now, we’re delighted to announce our second edition of HWCon. This time, it will be a three-day event from 26th to the 28th of February … Continue reading

Ponies love Pets

We proudly announce the theme of 2016’s Hearth’s Warming Con: Ponies love Pets! Cats, dogs, birds and all the other little critters. They are so very precious to us. And not only us, ponies have pets as well. Pets provide protection, warmth and friendship. They can be playmates and partners. Together, ponies and pets form a unique bond … Continue reading

Review 2015

Our last event was a great success. On February 21st 2015, about 300 My Little Pony fans came together at the Fokker Event Centre in ‘Hoof-drop’, as we renamed Hoofddorp during the con. Did you miss out on it and would you like to see how the convention was like? Or would you like to look … Continue reading

New website

We are delighted to share with you our newly redesigned website, with a whole new look befitting our pets theme. We redesigned the website in order to enhance the content management system, so we’ll be able to update more frequently. Over the next few weeks and months many activities, guests and other interesting facts will … Continue reading