First HWCon 2018 merchandise revealed!

Never want to forget your visit at Hearth’s Warming Con? Want to make sure we have your items all wrapped up for you the moment you enter the convention? Pre-order the first great HWCon 2018 items today in our webshop! 3D Ember figurine HWCon 2018 The official 201 8 Hearth’s Warming Con mascot figurine: Ember has won 1st … Continue reading

Get your tickets for the Autograph sessions and Photo Op!

At Hearth’s Warming Con you can meet our guests of honour Peter New and Elley-Ray Hennessy and get an autograph or Photo Op! In our webshop you can get your tickets for these. To make sure nopony has to wait too long, we have created several time slots you can choose from: SIGNING SESSION Saturday: … Continue reading

Eeyup, a Cider Tasting Event!

What’s a pony convention without cider? Cider aficionado Diederik will educate you on a variety of delicious ciders that are ready to taste! As these are alcoholic ciders, this event will require a €3 fee and is 18+ (please bring your ID). When: Saturday 19:00 – 19:45 Where: Event Room #1 You can apply for … Continue reading

ModernBard performs at the Saturday night party!

Let’s give a big warm welcome to one of our guest musicians who is sure to liven up the party on Saturday night; ModernBard from France! “Hello, I’m ModernBard, a 23 year old musician who specialises in many styles sometimes orchestral; electronic; or both. I started music 11 years ago at the age of 12 … Continue reading

Huge vendor area – announcing our vendors!

This Hearth’s Warming Con our vendor area is bigger and better than ever. There are over 30 different vendors, selling art prints, taking sommissions, handmade plushies, official merchandise and many other unique items you can’t miss out on! For information about what vendors you’ll be able to meet, and the goods and wares they have … Continue reading

Sponsor ticket sales ending soon

It’s getting really close to Hearth’s Warming Con 2018 – we are now just over 2 weeks to the mane event! And as an unfortunate consequence, we are ceasing our sponsor ticket sales come this Sunday! (Sponsor tickets are classed as anything above and including the Friendship Kindling ticket), more information at our Tickets page. … Continue reading

New panel: Get in Character by Elkia Deerling!

Always wanted to give your OC a more interesting character? Or do you want to create a new one from scratch? Don’t miss out on the panel ‘Get in Character!’ hosted by the talented and experienced writer Elkia Deerling! At this panel you will learn how to give your OC strengths, flaws and the epic backstory … Continue reading

Perrydotto at HWCon 2018!

Perrydotto, a German artist who rose to fame as GalaCon’s auction host, will attend HWCon for the first time. During the convention she will be a vendor and help out with hosting and presenting at several events. Be sure to check out her table in the vendor room: she’ll bring artwork and will do sketch commissions!

Pony customizing workshop by Eagle Tale

Do you want to turn a brushable little pony into your OC? Do you want to learn how to make it look more show-accurate? Or do you just want to be creative with ponies, but don’t know where to start? Join the pony customizing workshop, hosted by Vivianne, also known as Eagle Tale. During this … Continue reading

New guest announcement: Vocal Score!

We are happy to announce our latest guest and musician who will join the fun at Hearth’s Warming Con 2018: Vocal Score! Vocal Score is a professional musician from Kent, England. When he’s not working, performing in five star hotels and cruise ships all around the world, he’s writing and playing pony music! Well-versed in both acoustic and … Continue reading