Attend in Spirit!

Can’t make it to Hearth’s Warming Con? Whether it’s distance or other plans getting in the way, we feel your pain! But please don’t despair: we’re here to tell you you can still play a part! Please consider purchasing a Spirit ticket, which not only supports us but also nets you a bunch of official … Continue reading

Button Up!

If you’ve been to a My Little Pony convention before, chances are that at some point you’ve been surrounded by a veritable armada of cute pony buttons. Maybe you’ve even daydreamed of a specimen featuring a particularly unusual pony. Well, it turns out that it’s actually very easy to make your own! Accordingly, Diederik will … Continue reading

3D Paper Craft with HipsterOwlet!

Learn how to craft your own little 3D scene in this shadow box workshop on Saturday afternoon! Step by step we’ll bring the paper to life, using the magical powers of foam tape and glue. Best of all, you can take your finished frame home with you! If you’re worried this is all a bit … Continue reading

It’s Cider Season!

Are you ready to get educated on a true mainstay of the quintessential pony diet? On Saturday evening, cider aficionado Diederik will present a variety of delicious ciders that are ready to taste! Which will be your favourite? There’s no scientific research better than practice! Be aware that these are alcoholic ciders you’ll be sampling, … Continue reading

Friday Eve Dinner Details!

So, do you have a ticket for our special Friday Eve Dinner and are dying to find out more about it? The page with all the details and travel directions is now live! Located but a short walk from the convention’s venue, the restaurant is situated inside a 19th century fort! If you like you … Continue reading

Make a Plushie!

Do you want to get your hands fuzzy and dip into the magic of plushie making? Violet Rose is hosting a workshop where you get to create your own little plushie friend! As an experienced plush creator, Violet will show you the ins and outs of the craft, teaching you all you need to know … Continue reading

Get Needle Felting!

Stabbing something with a needle so much that it turns into art – it sounds like a joke, but it’s real! Join HipsterOwlet and learn all about the craft of needle felting! In this workshop you will design your very own woolly Parasprite to take home with you! A steady hand is recommended. A true … Continue reading

Maximum Dutch Fun!

Do you remember that deliciously-ridiculously Dutch event from Hearth’s Warming Con 2018? You guessed it: this year we’ll have another Dutch Fun panel! Taking place on Sunday and once again hosted by Roderick and Perrydotto, our special guests Black Gryph0n and Claire Corlett will be tested in the most intense arena known to ponykind! So … Continue reading

Learn Pony History and Discuss the Fandom!

MLP historian and veteran collector Bexi will be conducting two panels for us. First, she will educate everypony on the long and storied history of our favourite pastel ponies, starting at the original My Pretty Pony line from 1981, and spanning all the way to Generation 4 and beyond! In addition to that, you’re also … Continue reading

Announcing Agatan, Sam Quak Brony and MC-Arch!

Three renowned Dutch Brony musicians are making their return to Hearth’s Warming Con! For this final edition, Agatan, Sam Quak Brony and MC-Arch will be performing one more time at the Saturday Evening party! Representing the DBM (Dutch Brony Musicians) group, they are delivering some new songs, but also promise to bring back a lot … Continue reading