Jyc Row Returns!

We’re pleased to announce that acclaimed orchestral music specialist Jyc Row will make his return to Hearth’s Warming Con! With years of experience in producing his own brand of sound you’ll not want to miss out on his expert advice during his panel! But don’t just take our word for it: why not hear from … Continue reading

Get Warm and Fuzzy at PlushieCon!

Just like at Hearth’s Warming Con 2018, you’ll be able to give your plushies the opportunity to mingle and befriend other plushies at PlushieCon! What’s more, as a visitor to Hearth’s Warming Con, you’ll be able to watch them all hang out, which is sure to be a heartwarming and awe-inspiring experience. You can bring … Continue reading

Show Off at the Cosplay Competition!

Guess what? Hearth’s Warming Con will once again have its very own cosplay competition! A tried and true convention staple, this is the show where the most examplary outfits make their appearance and where the performers strive to embody characters from the pony show we all know and love. So, rather than scouring the entire … Continue reading

Party Hard with BlackIceMusic!

BlackIceMusic, the one who introduced the community to Melbourne Bounce, will be treating us to a DJ set at Hearth’s Warming Con! Producing music since 2014, BlackIceMusic was originally inspired by Martin Garrix on the commercial side and Woodentoaster and Glaze on the fandom side, and more recently created a sound similar to his current … Continue reading

Get Artistic with Light!

Ever wanted to draw and didn’t know how to get started? Come to Light’s beginner workshop on Saturday! She will do her best to provide you with the tools and advice needed to begin your journey as an artist. Held in a friendly atmosphere, everyone will be welcome to participate, regardless of skill or experience! … Continue reading

Announcing Special Guest Black Gryph0n!

Gabriel Brown, also known as Black Gryph0n, is flying over to Hearth’s Warming Con! As Guest of Honor, Gabriel is destined to become a prominent part of our curriculum, set to star on multiple panels and even gracing us with a special live performance! Known for his infectious enthusiasm and welcoming temperament, we’re delighted to … Continue reading

Elkia’s Teaching You FUNfiction!

What makes fanfiction fanfiction, why is writing fanfiction so much fun, and—most importantly—how do you write fanfiction yourself? In Elkia’s sixth panel, he will accompany you on the journey to reveal the answers to those big questions. You will find out about striking differences and similarities between fanfiction and “regular” fiction, and put these new … Continue reading

Ticket Sales Update!

Are you still uncertain about attending the final Hearth’s Warming Con? Tickets are going fast! That’s awesome, of course, but at the same time it’s looking very likely that they’ll be sold out by the time the doors open! So if you want to make sure you’ll get yours, go to the tickets page and … Continue reading

Trotmania returns to HWCon 2020!

Would you like to show off your dance moves to everypony at Hearth’s Warming Con? Our host Jasper Lingers is bringing you the ultimate pony dancing game: Trotmania: Rhythm is Magic! Simply step up to the plate, choose your favorite My Little Pony song, and get wild on the game pad! Whether you’re a sophisticated … Continue reading

CaptainHoers at HWCon 2020: I AM ANIMATION (AND SO CAN YOU!)

Fandom and professional animator CaptainHoers will wedge his brain into a live presentation for your edification, explaining how he does it, how studios such as those behind the hit show Little Horse Witchery™️ do it, and how you can do it too! Known for popular videos such as Spitfire’s Day Off and Wenches and Mead, CaptainHoers … Continue reading