Party Hard with BlackIceMusic!

BlackIceMusic, the one who introduced the community to Melbourne Bounce, will be treating us to a DJ set at Hearth’s Warming Con!

Producing music since 2014, BlackIceMusic was originally inspired by Martin Garrix on the commercial side and Woodentoaster and Glaze on the fandom side, and more recently created a sound similar to his current idol Dirty Palm. With the goal to create pony-themed Bounce and Future House and being known mostly for tracks like “Sweet and Sour”, “Updraft” and “The Fuff”, BlackIceMusic has come quite a long way.

He recently picked up DJing as a hobby and had his first live performance in late October at Lunafest Hamburg, a German meetup. With a set mostly featuring Melbourne/Future Bounce, as well as Future House, Psytrance, and some Hardstyle, BlackIceMusic is guaranteed to bring energy to the dance floor!