Relive Hearth’s Warming Con 2020!

For those of you following us on Twitter or Facebook, you may already have found an abundance of videos and photographs that our awesome visitors made. If you feel like you’ve been missing out, let us assure you that, actually, there’s no better time to dig back into your convention memories than right now. The broadcasting wizards of PonyvilleFM have sent us a huge treasure chest containing the official Mane Stage recordings! Take a look at our fancy new YouTube channel!

But there’s more! If you check out this playlist, all the videos will be cued up for you, alongside several other bits of exciting footage! Included are multiple panels with our special guests, community musicians, and the record-breaking Charity Auction! So, whether you want to sing along to Black Gryph0n’s concert or prefer to lean back and see some wicked cosplay, we’re certain there’s plenty to enjoy for everypony!