Thank You!

The Hearth’s Warming Con committee would like to extend their thanks to everyone who made Hearth’s Warming Con 2018 something very special for all. A big thanks to our special guests; Peter New, Amy New and Elley-Ray Hennessy, for taking time out of their busy schedules to visit our convention. And not to mention Tabitha St. Germain, for giving us her time and answering fan questions over skype. We’re also grateful to our community guests and vendors for making the con interesting and fun to experience. A massive pat on the back goes out to our hard-working volunteers and venue staff without whom the convention would not have ended up as successful as it was. And finally we’d like to thank everyone who came to Hearth’s Warming Con and helped to support our cause for raising money for Youth Sports Fund; we raised a grand total of €3520 to go towards providing sports activities to disadvantaged children! Thank you again to everyone, we hope to see you again in the future!

Our Community Guests
Agatan @ Asgard Sings! @ Cosplay Camping Group @ Daphne Werner @ DJ Power2All @ DJ-Tairome @ Eagle Tale @ Elkia Deerling @ HipsterHoof @ James Corck @ Jyc Row @ Mad Munchkin @ MC-Arch @ MLP Merch @ Modern Bard @ Perrydotto @ Plushie Con @ Ponyville Live! @ Rarity Belle @ Roderick @ Sam Quak Brony  @ Veertje @ Vocal Score @ Yuntao @ Zircon Genseki

Our Artists
Flick, Lena Poortvliet (Aluriya), mapony240, Veertje, Yuntao

Our Volunteers
Anina @ Ansis @ Black Forest Java @ Els “the more ponies, the better!” @ Fiddlepony @ Heidi Bakker @ Iluzon, The Disciple of Jamis @ Jacob @ Kit Manners @ Lena Poortvliet (Aluriya) @ Lichtschatten (Bronies NRW e.V) @ Magical7 @ mapony240 @ Mettham @ Michel M. Prins “We will be judged. Let them judge, while we have fun.” @ Moontune @ Mystogan @ New Leaf “Hope You Had Fun this year!” @ Paul Evans @ rainbowderpy *hug* @ Ravirr @ Runaway Train “All aboard the Runaway Hype Train!!!” @ Shade @ Sil @ Sound Check @ Thomas “Sally Hoofster” @ Xander