Thank You for Being There!

I hope everypony had a safe and fun time at Hearth’s Warming Con! This weekend we’ve done some amazing things together: we adventured along stalls stuffed to the brim with colourful ponies and other assorted creations made by some of the most talented artists out there. We challenged our boundaries at a number of engaging workshops and even received a thoroughly riveting education courtesy of our panel programme. We got up early to meet friends and still stayed up late to party in the Karaoke Room or with our magnificent musicians! We’ve gone crazy at Trotmania and then cosied up for a certain pony movie at the very end. Hey, some bold, fluffy ponies even went for a swim in the ballpit!

At this point it’s only natural to thank all of our guests for the tremendous work they put into our events! Whether it was through hosting, performing, or teaching, you made sure there was never a dull moment in sight! Because of everypony’s excitement spreading across the internet, and the spotless coverage of our friends at PonyvilleFM, it truly felt at times that we were not such a modest, compact convention after all. This was visible all the more when the generosity of our visitors and donators raised a record-shattering amount of €7171,71 for The Dream Factory!

As such we can be proud that ponies attended from far and wide to be a part of the last Hearth’s Warming Con. No matter where it was that you visited from, you brought the spirit of friendship in full supply and together we had an absolute blast! We’ve even had a few surprises along the way: not only did Glace finally get his cutie mark on Saturday, but our amazing Guests of Honour Claire Corlett and Black Gryph0n were also unexpectedly joined by ‘Dutch Fluttershy’ voice actress and calligraphy enchantress Lizemijn Libgott!

Perhaps we’ll go over a few more surprises soon, but for now it’s fair to say that we could not have asked for a better send-off! Thank you! By extension, our unyielding gratitude goes out to our Sponsors for their patience and support. Of course we also cannot possibly omit here then our dedicated artist team and hardworking, perspicacious volunteers, without whom we would have been entirely unable to create these memories together. So, let’s keep in mind the good times we’ve shared here in our little corner of the Netherlands, for no matter where we go from here, our hearth will always be lit for you.