The Future of HWCon – volunteers needed!

Hello there, everypony!

Once again we would like to quickly thank you for your attendance at HWCon 2018. We are humbled by all the kind words you have spoken since, and are glad to have delivered you an awesome pony weekend. After a few months of reflection and planning ahead since the event has ended, the time has finally come to discuss the future of Hearth’s Warming Convention.

This is the announcement you’ve all been waiting for… at least somewhat, that is.

First of all, we would like to inform you that we have every intention to host another HWCon. We are passionate about the organisation life we have led for so many years and would feel empty inside if we can no longer continue. However, upon looking back at the organisation process and (personal) events leading up to the event, one thing became very clear to us: without more folks to help us out during the preparations, we physically lack the horse power to host another event.

We are very grateful for the volunteers whom assisted us during the weekend and the positive vibes the visitors and guests brought along with them to the event. Without either of you, the convention would not have lived up to anyone’s expectations.

However, the event that visitors and volunteers experienced as a weekend in February was in fact the result of two hard years of preparation. With only six committee members having to set everything up and all of our personal lives changing drastically since 2016, it meant that we were constantly overburdened and sometimes not even available for longer periods during the preparations. Simply put, the workload was too high, both during the preparations and the event itself. It is a miracle the six of us came out of this the way we did and it would be irresponsible of us to risk organising another HWCon like this. Therefore, we will not be able to do so unless we have dedicated folks join us in every layer of the organisation.

As a result, we have opened up quite a few vacancies for the next edition.  Cutting right to the Goudse cheese; unless we can fill in most – if not all – of these volunteering positions, we will not be holding another HWCon in its current formula. However, if we do, we can make HWCon 2020 happen and make the convention better than ever before.

In case you are interested in volunteering, do not be afraid of shooting us a message now the vacancies are up.

For now, we will see you at Galacon this weekend and hopefully also at Hearth’s Warming Con 2020!