You’re invited to the final Hearth’s Warming Con

Hey everypony, still sad over the end of Bronycon? Well, fear not! We are coming back for another round with the next Hearth’s Warming Con taking place in Haarlem, coming next year on 29th February!

Unfortunately, this will be the last Hearth’s Warming Con as well. We have enjoyed all the time we spent working on Hearth’s Warming Con over the years, but sadly have come to the conclusion that we will have too little time to dedicate to it in the future. Still, we will make sure that all of you get another chance to attend the My Little Pony convention of the Netherlands!

We’ve been hard at work making sure that Hearth’s Warming Con 2020 will be the one to remember in the six years of the con’s running. We had a great time in 2018 when we staged the con in beautiful Haarlem, so we’d like to bring the con back there in 2020. The convention will be run on Saturday 29th February and Sunday 1st March.

Stay tuned to our website, Twitter and Facebook for more announcements including ticket sales, volunteer application and vendor registration coming real soon!