Venue & Getting there

We  stepped up our game during the last edition and were able to arrange a bigger location that is more accessible by public transport. HWCon 2018 took place in Haarlem, a historic city surrounded by nature and only a stone’s throw away from Amsterdam. Haarlem’s central train station is a fifteen minute train ride away from Amsterdam central, and a forty minute bus ride away from Schiphol airport. From the Haarlem central train station it’s a seven minute bus ride to our venue (or a thirty minute walk).

Hosting HWCon 2018 was held at the Schoter Scholengemeenschap:

Sportweg 9
2024 CN Haarlem

The Schoter is a high school just outside of the Haarlem city centre, bordering one of Haarlem’s bigger city parks. Inside the school you’ll notice it’s spacious and sporty. Most events took place on the main stage and in classrooms which were perfect for the many (often creative) workshops and lectures Hearth’s Warming Con had to offer. Outside there will be plenty of space to sit down and relax on the school square or in the park.