Get Ready to Party!

Are you ready? Hearth’s Warming Con is SUPER CLOSE, my friends! By the way, did you check the lineup of the evening parties at the schedule yet? Saturday we’ve got the Dutch Brony Musicians (Agatan, Sam Quak Brony, and MC-Arch) to kick things off, and BlackIceMusic and Power2All are gonna DJ both evenings as well! Bring hype and glowsticks, everypony, cause the proverbial roof will be blown off!

Below’s a tentative list of starting times. They are successive live performances, and as such are subject to change. Better show up early if you don’t want to miss anything!

19:00 – Dutch Brony Musicians
20:05 – BlackIceMusic
20:55 – Power2All

19:00 – BlackIceMusic
19:55 – Power2All

(Here’s an exclusive look behind the scenes of ponies doing soundcheck:)